ICP (Inductively Coupled Plasma Optical Emission Spectrometer) Model No : LI-7500




RFPower technical parameter 

Circuit type: solid-state RF power supply, with function of automatic
Frequency: 27.12MHz±0.05%
Frequency Stability: <0.1%
Power Output: 800W-1200W
Power Output Stability: <0.3%
Escaped RF radiation: 30cm away from the instrument,
electric field: E < 2V/m

Sampling System Technical Parameter
Output working coil inner diameter : 25mm
Torque tube: Three concentric, external diameter 20mm
Coaxial nebulizer: Outer diameter 6mm
Double barrel atomizing chamber: Outer diameter 34mm

Gas Flow Controls

Plasma Argon Flowmeter: (100-1000) L/h (1.6-16L/min)
Auxiliary Argon Flowmeter: (10-100) L/h (0.16-1.66L/min)
Carrier Argon Flowmeter (10-100) L/h (0.16-1.66L/min)
Pressure Maintaining Valve (0-0.4MPa)
Cooling Water: Temperature: 20-25°C.
Rate of Flow>5L/min, Hydraulic


Optics: Czerny-Turner type
Focal length: 1000 mm
Grating: Ion Beam Etching Holographic Grating, 3600L/mm or 2400L/mm
Reciprocal linear
dispersion: 0.26nm/mm
Resolution: 0.007nm (3600 line grating); 0.015nm (2400 line grating)
Wavelength range: 3600 line grating:(190nm^-500) nm; 2400 line
grating: (190nm-800) nm
Minimum pace of stepping motor: 1:10006 nm
Exit Slit:12pm:Entrance Slit:10pm

Photoelectric Converter Performance
Photomultiplier tube specification: R293/R928
Negative HV on PMT: 0-1000V:Stability: <0.05%



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