Peltier Sipper System


The Peltier & Sipper System is a product offered by Lasany International, an organization that specializes in laboratory equipment and supplies. This system combines the functionality of a Peltier device and a sipper system to provide temperature control and liquid handling capabilities in a laboratory setting.



1) Control Unit.
2) Cell holder with Peltier System. (It’s already pre-loaded into the compartment of the spectrophotometer).
3) Control Cable (to connect the Control Unit with the Cell holder with Peltier System).
4) Peristaltic pump pipe. (It’s already pre-loaded into the pump valve of the Control Unit)
5) Power cord.

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Technical specification

1. The valid temperature range is from 15oC to 65oC
2. The valid sampling time range is from 30s to 10min,
3. The valid peristaltic pump speed range is from 1 to 12
4. The sampling speed is about 50ml/min.
5. Power supply is 220±22V@50±1Hz or 110±11V@60±1Hz.