Probe Sonicator


Probe Sonicator (Model No : LI PS650)

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Probe Sonicator is a multi-function and multi-purpose instrument that utilizes ultrasonic cavitation in liquid. It can be used for breaking many kinds of cells, bacteria, viruses, animal and plant tissues, also for emulsification and separation , homogenization, extraction, defoaming, cleaning, preparation of nanomaterials, dispersion and accelerated chemical reactions. Widely used in biology, medicine, agriculture, chemistry, materials science, pharmaceutical and other fields of teaching, research, production.

Technical Specification : 

Frequency                           20-25KHz – Automatic tracking
Process capacity                0.5-500ml (approx.)
Probe Dia (Titanium Alloy) Standard 6mm (1/4″)
Display                               4.3 inches TFT
Display Function              Temperature, Power Time, etc.
Temperature range(℃)     0-99℃
Input method                       Touch screen control
Output Power                       6.5-650W (adjustable)
Please use Probe Sonicator with stabilizer for better result
Optional Probe:                  2mm, 3mm, 8mm,10mm, 12mm
Optional Probe:                  Rs 26900/- Per Pc


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