Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer


Lasany presents a wide range of Quality equipment required in the day-to-day function of a Chemical Laboratory to Advanced Instruments used for Quality Assurance/Control and Research. Our Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer offers State-of-the-art technology bundled with many features as a complete economical package.


Atomic absorption spectrophotometry is a powerful analytical technique used in various fields, including environmental analysis, pharmaceutical research, food and beverage testing, and metallurgical studies. Our range of atomic absorption spectrophotometers is designed to meet the diverse needs of scientists, researchers, and industry professionals.

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Salient Features

• Advance technology for intelligent stray light measuring and correction

• Original Optical Noise Reduction & Automatic measurement and stray light dynamic detected without any reference materials and incremental cost. It improves the instrument’s optical performance, optical precision, linear range and background correction effectively

• Develop internal lamp control technology. It makes normal hollow cathode lamps’ self-absorption background correction possible without influencing to instrument’s stability. Meanwhile, it will prolong the working life of the lamps. Normal hollow cathode lamps are highly economical than special lamps

• Original”Hg lamp-regent” gradient measurement. we established an exact mathematical model to estimate the “single beam linear and balance” specification. This technology provided a fast and economic method for instrument self-testing systems. It also established a brand new method to improve the instrument’s detection Performance.

• Numerous technological innovations and renewals such as design aesthetics, element lamp multi-dimensional automatic adjustment system, gas path electronics functional and modular design, No-adjustment D-lamp holder and so on.


• Graphite Furnace
• Auto-Sampler for Graphite Furnace
• Hydride Generator
• Wide range of Hollow-Cathode Lamps(Single/Multi Element )available on request



At Lasany International, we understand the critical role that atomic absorption spectrophotometry plays in various scientific and analytical fields. That’s why we have designed our spectrophotometers to deliver exceptional performance, accuracy, and reliability. Whether you’re conducting research, performing quality control analysis, or carrying out environmental testing, our instruments provide the precise measurements you need.