Blood Collection Monitor – IBM-14


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The Blood Collection Monitor IBM-14 is a sophisticated device used in blood banks and healthcare settings to ensure the safe and efficient collection of blood from donors. 

Purpose: The IBM-14 Blood Collection Monitor is designed to facilitate the blood donation process by ensuring accurate and safe collection of blood. It automates various aspects of the process to reduce human error, improve donor comfort, and maintain the quality of collected blood.

Key Features:

1) Accurate Blood Collection: The IBM-14 provides precise control over the amount of blood collected. It has a digital display and programmable settings to set the desired volume, typically between 350ml to 450ml.

2) Weighing Mechanism: The monitor includes a highly sensitive weighing mechanism to continuously measure the weight of the collected blood, ensuring that the target volume is reached accurately.

3) Mixing Functionality: To prevent clotting, the device gently mixes the blood during collection. It employs a motorized mixing platform that rocks the blood collection bag at a controlled speed.

4)Alarms and Alerts: The IBM-14 is equipped with various alarms and alerts to enhance safety. These include:

  • Volume Alarm: Notifies when the desired volume is collected.
  • Flow Rate Alarm: Alerts if the flow rate is too high or too low.
  • Battery Low Alarm: Indicates when the battery power is running low.
  • End of Collection Alarm: Signals the end of the collection process.

5) User Interface: The monitor features an intuitive user interface with a digital display for real-time monitoring of the collection process. It includes buttons for setting parameters and starting/stopping the process.

6) Portability: Designed for mobility, the IBM-14 is lightweight and compact, making it easy to transport and use in various locations within a blood bank or mobile donation setup.

7) Power Supply: The device can operate on both AC power and an internal rechargeable battery, ensuring continuous operation even in the event of a power outage.

8) Data Logging: It has the capability to log data related to each donation session, which can be used for record-keeping and quality control purposes.

9) Compliance: The IBM-14 complies with relevant medical device standards and regulations, ensuring it meets safety and performance criteria required for medical equipment.


  • Enhanced Safety: Reduces the risk of over-collection and under-collection of blood.
  • Improved Efficiency: Automates mixing and monitoring, freeing up staff to focus on donor care.
  • Donor Comfort: Smooth operation and gentle mixing help in maintaining donor comfort throughout the process.
  • Data Management: Facilitates better tracking and management of collected blood units.


  • Blood Banks: Used in fixed and mobile blood collection units.
  • Hospitals: For blood donation drives and in-house blood collection.
  • Research Institutes: Involved in blood-related research and studies.

Salient Features :-

•Control System : Micro controller based controller.
• Alarm : Audio Visual Alarm if the ‡ow is less than 20 ml per minute At the end of the Collection
• Outer body : ABS Body, Speed of rocker : 10 RPM, Accuracy : ± 2 RPM
• Pre-selection of volume
• Auto tare facility
• Display of Set Volume, Process Volume, weight and Time
• Volume can be set from 1 ml. to 999 ml. Provision for pausing collection and change Program during blood collection
• Readability : 1 ml/1g,
• Pinching : Motorized pinching at the end of collection

Technical Specifications :-

Model: IBM-14
Readability: 1ml/1g
Display: Large LCD
Alarm: Audio-Visual
Input: 230VAC(SMPS)
Voltage Calibration: Automatic