Key Features:

Precise Temperature Control: Our platelet agitators are designed to maintain a consistent temperature range, typically between 20-24 degrees Celsius. This optimal temperature ensures the preservation of platelets, preventing any potential damage caused by temperature fluctuations.

Gentle Agitation Mechanism: The agitator employs a gentle rocking motion, providing continuous and uniform mixing of platelets within the storage containers. This action helps prevent platelet aggregation and maintains their homogeneity, ensuring a consistent distribution of platelets during transfusions.

User-Friendly Interface: Our platelet agitators are equipped with an intuitive interface that allows easy programming and monitoring of temperature and agitation parameters. The user-friendly controls simplify operation and reduce the risk of errors during platelet storage.

Enhanced Contamination Control: Our agitators are designed with materials that resist corrosion and minimize contamination risks. The sealed storage compartments and smooth surfaces facilitate easy cleaning and disinfection, ensuring a sterile environment for platelet storage.

Alarm and Monitoring System: The agitator is equipped with an alarm system that alerts users to any deviations from the set temperature or agitation parameters. This feature ensures prompt response to any issues, reducing the risk of platelet spoilage and maintaining quality control.



A platelet agitator is an essential piece of equipment used in medical facilities, blood banks, and research laboratories for storing platelets at a controlled temperature and constant agitation. It plays a crucial role in maintaining the viability and quality of platelets, which are vital components in blood clotting and transfusion procedures.