Gel Documentation and Analysis System (Model No: LI-GD950)


A reliable Gel Documentation and Analysis System is essential for accurate research and analysis in the dynamic world of molecular biology and life sciences. Lasany International proudly serves the scientific communities in India, Nigeria, Vietnam, Indonesia, Turkey, Brazil, Zimbabwe, Sri Lanka, Syria, Iran, Iraq, Ghana, Colombia, Philippines, Italy, Yemen, Peru, Uganda, Israel, and Kenya with cutting-edge solutions for gel imaging and analysis.



Gel Documentation and Analysis System (Model No: LI-GD950)

Gel Documentation and Analysis System, Model No: LI-GD950, is a sophisticated instrument designed primarily for molecular biology and biochemistry laboratories. It serves the crucial function of visualizing and analyzing nucleic acids and proteins separated by gel electrophoresis. Here’s a breakdown of its features and applications:

  1. Imaging Capabilities: The LI-GD950 system typically includes a high-resolution camera coupled with specialized optics to capture clear and precise images of nucleic acid or protein gels. These images are essential for documenting experimental results and analyzing sample composition.
  2. UV Transillumination: Gel documentation systems like the LI-GD950 utilize UV transillumination to visualize nucleic acids and proteins within the gel matrix. UV light causes these molecules to fluoresce, making them visible against the background of the gel.
  3. Image Analysis Software: This system is often accompanied by advanced image analysis software that allows researchers to quantify and analyze bands or spots within the gel images. Users can measure band intensity, molecular weight, and even perform comparative analysis between different samples.
  4. Documentation and Archiving: Beyond real-time imaging, the LI-GD950 facilitates the documentation and archiving of gel images. This is critical for maintaining accurate records of experimental data, facilitating collaboration, and referencing results in future experiments or publications.


    1. DNA Electrophoresis: The LI-GD950 is extensively used in DNA electrophoresis applications, such as agarose gel electrophoresis for DNA fragment analysis, PCR product verification, genotyping, and DNA quantification.
    2. RNA Analysis: It is also vital for RNA electrophoresis, enabling researchers to visualize RNA samples, analyze RNA integrity, and assess gene expression levels through techniques like Northern blotting or RNA gel electrophoresis.
    3. Protein Electrophoresis: In protein research, the LI-GD950 assists in protein separation by SDS-PAGE (Sodium Dodecyl Sulfate Polyacrylamide Gel Electrophoresis) or native PAGE, facilitating protein quantification, purity assessment, and characterization.
    4. Western Blot Imaging: Gel documentation systems are often used in conjunction with Western blotting techniques to visualize and quantify protein bands transferred onto a membrane after electrophoresis.


1. Darkroom
      – No light leakage Darkroom
      – External size:44x40x72cm
2. CCD Camera
   – Scientific CCD
   – Resolution:5 Megapixels,2592*1944
   – A/D:16bit (65536 Grey scales)
   – High QE: 75%
   – Read noise: 5.1e-RMS
   – SNR:70.1db
   – Sensitivity: Lower than 10pg EB Stained DNA
3. Lens
   – Imported Computer 2/3 Inch, F1.2 Motorized Lens
   – Numeric Focus and Aperture
4. Filter (Standard)
   – 590nm for gel doc as standard
5. Epi-white light
   – White LED * 2
6. Transilluminator
   – UV transmission as standard: Wavelength 302nm, Area: 21x26cm
   – White light LED as optional, Area:21x19cm
   – Blue LED as optional: Area:21x19cm
7. UV protection shield as standard
8.Gel doc software
9. Analysis software
10. Application (included as standard)
    – DNA/RNA Gel inspection: Ethidium Bromide, SybrTM Gold, Gel Red, GelStarTM;
    – Protein Gel Inspection: SyproTMOrange

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