Gel Documentation and Analysis System (Model No: LI-GD950)


In the dynamic world of molecular biology and life sciences, a reliable Gel Documentation and Analysis System is essential for accurate research and analysis. Our company, [Company Name], proudly serves the scientific communities in India, Nigeria, Vietnam, Indonesia, Turkey, Brazil, Zimbabwe, Sri Lanka, Syria, Iran, Iraq, Ghana, Colombia, Philippines, Italy, Yemen, Peru, Uganda, Israel, and Kenya with cutting-edge solutions for gel imaging and analysis.





Gel Documentation and Analysis System (Model No: LI-GD950)

1. Darkroom
1.1 No light leakage Darkroom
1.2 External size:44x40x72cm
2. CCD Camera
2.1 Scientific CCD
2.2 Resolution:5 Megapixels,2592*1944
2.3 A/D:16bit (65536 Grey scales)
2.4 High QE: 75%
2.5 Read noise: 5.1e-RMS
2.6 SNR:70.1db
2.7 Sensitivity: Lower than 10pg EB Stained DNA
3. Lens
3.1 Imported Computer 2/3 Inch, F1.2 Motorized Lens
3.2 Numeric Focus and Aperture
4. Filter (Standard)
590nm for gel doc as standard
5. Epi-white light
White LED * 2
6. Transilluminator
6.1 UV transmission as standard: Wavelength 302nm, Area: 21x26cm
6.2 White light LED as optional, Area:21x19cm
6.2 Blue LED as optional: Area:21x19cm
7. UV protection shield as standard
8.Gel doc software
9. Analysis software
10. Application (included as standard)
10.1 DNA/RNA Gel inspection: Ethidium Bromide,
SybrTM Gold, Gel Red, GelStarTM;
10.2 Protein Gel Inspection: SyproTMOrange


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