Automatic ABBE Digital Refractometer (Touch Screen)



Fully automatic measuring system
Touch Screen display.
Measure the Brix of the sugar solution
Display the temperature of sample
Correct effect of temperature on the Brix automatically
Memory upto 1024 results
Reading Time 2 seconds.
Calibration password protected
Easy clean prism & Simple operation
User can set the Scan times, Type, Revise, Sample ID, Calender



the Automatic ABBE Digital Refractometer (Touch Screen) as the sophisticated globetrotter of the scientific instrument world, seamlessly adapting to the diverse landscapes of Nigeria, Vietnam, Indonesia, Turkey, Brazil, Zimbabwe, Sri Lanka, Syria, Iran, Iraq, Ghana, Colombia, Philippines, Italy, Yemen, Peru, Uganda, and Israel. Across these diverse nations, the Automatic ABBE Digital Refractometer (Touch Screen) emerges not just as a scientific instrument but as a companion, seamlessly integrating into the fabric of each country’s industrial landscape, contributing to advancements in research, quality control, and innovation.



Automatic ABBE Digital Refractometer (Touch Screen) Model: LI – R502


Automatic ABBE Digital Refractometer (Touch Screen)

• Full automatic measuring, avoid personal error
• Touch Screen
• Have the function of temperature display, automatic correction and saving the date
• RS232/USB


Technical Specification

Model  LI-R502
Measuring range  Refractive index nD: 1.30000-1.70000

Brix (BX): 0-100%

Measuring accuracy Refractive index nD: ± 0.0002
Dissolved solids Brix: ± 0.1%
Measuring resolution Refractive index nD: ± 0.00001
Dissolved solids Brix: ± 0.01%
Temperature Temperature display range: 0-90°C
Interface RS232/USB
Display 7-inch color touchscreen
Overall dimensions 500mm x 330mm x 220mm



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