High Resolution Fast Gas Chromatography


High-resolution gas chromatography refers to the instrument’s ability to separate closely related compounds with great precision. This is crucial for applications where the identification and quantification of individual components in a complex mixture are required. The LI-GC6800 may feature advanced technology and components that enhance its resolution, such as a specialized column or detection system.



High-Resolution Fast Gas Chromatography Model: LI-GC6800

High-Resolution Fast Gas Chromatography typically refers to a GC system that can provide detailed separation of compounds in a relatively short time. This is often achieved through advancements in technology and instrumentation that allow for faster analysis without compromising the resolution or accuracy of the results.



Input Channel Count 2

Input Voltage Range -2.5V~+2.5V

Integral Sensitivity 1UVS

Input impedance 10 Mῼ

Maximum Peak Number > 1000

Smallest signal Resolution 1UVS

Dynamic Range 10^7

Minimum Time Resolution 0.01min

Linear Degrees +0.01%

Minumum Peak Width 0.1 s


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