Double Beam Microprocessor UV-VIS Touch Screen Spectrophotometer With Software


Elevate your spectroscopy capabilities with our state-of-the-double Beam Microprocessor UV-VIS Touch Screen Spectrophotometer With Software. Designed to deliver unparalleled accuracy and performance, this spectrophotometer is equipped with a cutting-edge touchscreen interface and comprehensive software for seamless operation and data analysis.


Key Features:

  • Double beam design for superior baseline stability and accuracy
  • UV-VIS wavelength range for versatile applications
  • Intuitive touchscreen interface for effortless navigation and control
  • Included software for easy data collection, analysis, and reporting
  • Precise sample handling for consistent results
  • Robust construction ensures long-term reliability
  • Ideal for research, analytical laboratories, and quality control processes


 Model No: LI-2900

Technical Specification : 

Wavelength Range: 190-1100nm
Spectral Bandwidth : 1 nm
Photometric Range : 0~200%T,-0.4~4A,0~9999C
Sample Holder : Two Cell 10 mm cuvette holder.
Basic Mode, Quantitative, kinetics, Multi-wavelength,
Wavelength scan, DNA / Protein test.
Choice Of 3 Pin Power Cord / Dust Cover Supplied