Digital Automatic Polarimeter Model No : LI-P701


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Digital Automatic Polarimeter Model No: LI-P701 is a sophisticated instrument designed for precise optical rotation measurements in various samples. Polarimeter is a specialized analytical instrument used to measure the optical rotation of optically active substances. It is commonly employed in various industries, including pharmaceuticals, food and beverages, chemical research, and quality control laboratories.

Key Features:

High Accuracy and Precision:

  • The LI-P701 offers high accuracy in measuring the optical rotation, making it suitable for research and industrial applications.
  • Precision optics and advanced detection systems ensure reliable and repeatable results.

Digital Display:

  • Equipped with a digital display for easy reading of measurement results.
  • The user-friendly interface allows for simple operation and quick data interpretation.

Automatic Operation:

  • Fully automated measurement process enhances ease of use and reduces operator error.
  • Automatic calibration and temperature correction features are included.

Measurement Range:

  • Wide measurement range suitable for various types of samples.
  • Can measure both optically active and inactive substances.

Data Storage and Connectivity:

  • Capable of storing a large number of measurement data points.
  • USB and other standard interfaces for easy data transfer and connection to computers and other devices.

Temperature Control:

  • Built-in temperature control for precise measurement under different temperature conditions.
  • Ensures accurate readings by compensating for temperature variations.

Software Integration:

  • Compatible with analysis software for detailed data analysis and reporting.
  • Software enables easy export of data and integration with laboratory information management systems (LIMS).


  • Wavelengths: Typically includes multiple wavelengths such as 589 nm (sodium D-line).
  • Measurement Range: Varies depending on the model, usually between -180° to +180° optical rotation.
  • Accuracy: High precision with accuracy up to ±0.01° or better.
  • Temperature Control Range: Typically from 10°C to 40°C, adjustable as needed.
  • Sample Tube Lengths: Compatible with various standard sample tube lengths.


  • Pharmaceutical Industry: Used for quality control and analysis of optically active substances.
  • Food and Beverage Industry: Helps in determining sugar content and other optically active components.
  • Chemical Research: Used in studying chiral molecules and reactions involving optically active substances.
  • Education and Research: A valuable tool for educational institutions and research laboratories for studying optical activity.

Maintenance and Calibration:

  • Regular maintenance ensures the longevity and accuracy of the instrument.
  • Periodic calibration is recommended to maintain precise measurements, which can often be done using standard calibration substances provided by the manufacturer.

Technical Specification : 

Measuring Mode: Optical Rotation, Sugar
Measuring Range : ±45°(Optical Rotation) ±120º Z (Sugar)
Choice of 3 Pin Power Cord / Dust Cover Supplied
Sample Test Tube 100mm / 200mm