Total Organic Carbon Analyzer (Model No- LI-TOC6500)





• Equipped with conductivity detector to quantify TOC concentration .
• LI :TOC-6500 is able to work under on-line mode to realize real-time monitoring.
• Ideal choice to measure and monitor microelectronics water, purified water, water for injection, etc.
• Automatic sample introduction with one-button setting, no sample contamination no harm on operator and environment.
• UV oxidation by UV lamp, no need to add acid, gas or catalytic, greatly reduces the experiment and maintenance cost.
• 7 inches touch screen with smart UI, easy to operate and read test data.
• In compliance with FDA-21 CFR Part11 requirements and USP, EP.JP and ChP.
• Auto sampler is optional according to different experiment requirements.
• Online and offline mode can be easily switched. (LI :TOC-6500)
• 8GB large storage capacity, no restriction of data and time.
• Data can be retrieved and saved to USB directly.
• Modular design for quick installation and easy maintenance.

Technical Specification
Detection Range                        0.001-1.5mg/I
Detection Limit                          1ppb
Max Tolerance                            ±5%
Analysis Time                             3 min
Response Time Within             10 min
Sample Temperature                1-95°C
Environment Temperature       10-40°C with temperature change ±5 °C/d
Sample Flow Speed                3m1/min
Relative Humidity                    <85%
Repeatability Tolerance           <3%
Drifting ±5%
Power Supply                           AC 220V, 50/60Hz or AC 110V, 50/50Hz
Frequency                                50/60Hz
Rated Power                            100W
Dimension                                440*220*300mm



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